Our Purpose For Being A Church In Athens and Area

1. To provide meaningful worship experiences.
2. To grow in God''s grace through Bible study.
3. To support missions both overseas and home through the Canadian Baptist Woman''s Group.
4. To provide encouragement, instruction in God''s Word, evangelism and fellowship through our Women On Their Own Group.
5. Involved in active association with Athens Ministerial.
6. To provide celebrations and milestones within the church family and individual families with the congregation.
7. Provide comfort and support of families in need within our community and surrounding area.
8. To actively participate and have partnership with the Canadian Baptist Of Ontario and Quebec.




The present building on Church Street was started on July 4th 1888 and was completed with the opening church service on February 17th  1889.


At the opening service over 300 people came to hear Rev. Alex Grant speak.  In the evening 400 people were present to hear Rev. Grant again. 


On June 19th 1914 a Women''s Mission Circle was organized with a membership of fourteen.